Repeating the One Project

For the second time in my life I am sitting in hall with hundreds of people in the US, at the One Project. More than a thousand Adventists from all over the world are here to spend two days contemplating how Jesus is, and how they can recommit their lives to him. Wonderful talks, followed by the most important part of the gathering: the discussion at the table.

10960295_10152630472548016_1547148153715934172_oLast year I sat at a table with Hans Ponte, sadly this year I can’t find another Dutchman. But I share a table with a British professor and a number of Americans. Together we share how we can apply what he heard in our lives, and we feel the love of Jesus inspiring us.

I am glad that I can repeat last years’ visit to the One Project. I am even more happy that we will repeat the European One Project! Why, you ask? Because I saw the reactions of the attendees last year:

A valuable time to deepen my faith.”

I was confronted with the limitations I have put on living out my Christianity.”

It was soul filling. Something I rarely experience these days.”

I always wonder what God’s plan is in my life. What does he want? At gatherings like these, where I learn more about him and myself, I feel inspired to form my future.’

This experience was great! I want to let my life be the message of Jesus to the people around me.. I want to take the next step in my life as a Christian.”

What could we do with these reactions, besides organise the One Project gathering in Holland again! Put the dates in your diary: 5-6 September. I will be there, and it’s going to be an amazing weekend!

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