Spectrum Magazine Reviews Extreme Walking

Spectrum Magazine, an Adventist publication, just reviewed my latest popular book. The review is generally very positive, and highlights what I hoped the book would achieve: high readiblity, positive theology, and an engaging introduction to books that many Bible readers are unaware of. Here is an excerpt (read the whole post here).

What de Bruin has truly done is to write a brief and interesting introductory textbook that addresses issues that typically, under other circumstances, stretch across countless academic tomes. However, de Bruin’s choice to write in a conversational tone makes the work exceptionally accessible and inviting to the average Christian and surprisingly light and fun for students who are more used to slogging through a book than racing across its pages. This is one of this work’s greatest strengths, opening its world of discoveries to many who would otherwise find the walking path too cumbersome to continue trudging forward. In short, he has written a textbook that does not feel like a textbook, one that can easily be digested in a day or so.

Moreover, de Bruin writes with the assumption that his readership is made up of committed and believing Christians. Wherever possible, he uplifts a theologically powerful vision of Jesus and demonstrates how the period of the Second Temple helped to set the stage for the Gospels. Again and again, de Bruin’s love for Scripture shines through this book’s pages, enlightening readers so they see an entirely new way of understanding these sacred works.


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