Ministry, Mission and Ordination [updated]

Ministry, Mission and OrdinationThis last year has turned into my annus mirabilis for publications. In the last six months I published my PhD, a theological book on the New Testament, and a number of articles. Yesterday, I just received a copy of my book on ordination that I wrote for the Trans-European Division: Ministry, Mission and Ordination.

I am the first to admit that I cannot take full credit for the contents, it is based on a very extensive report by the TED’s Biblical Research Committee. But the work of condensing, simplifying and structuring are all mine. While the arguments are not new, the manner and presentation are very much different. So, I’m willing to take some credit for this book.

In all honesty, I do not agree with all the arguments in this book. Obviously, as I have said before I wholeheartedly support equality for women in ministry. Furthermore, [spoiler alert] I do agree with the TED’s report that ordination is a post-biblical institution. But, the marriage and societal roles of women, as argued in the TED’s report, do not mesh with my own opinions. But then again, I have never been a strong believer that the nuclear family is the only, best, or intended way of living.

I don’t know how someone would get their hands on this book, I imagine via Stanborough Press as they are the publishers. As soon as I have more information on this, I’ll update this post. [see below]

If you’re interested in a sneak preview, here is a snippet to whet your appetite.


Stanborough Press is selling the book for £8,95 (about €13 or $14). You can order it via their Sales Hotline +44 (0) 1476 591 700 or by emailing

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8 thoughts on “Ministry, Mission and Ordination [updated]

  1. Ah Tom you are a dedicated writer in the Dutch tradition of Gerard Groote, Thomas A Kempes and may be an Adventist Erasmus, all having been educated by Brethren of Common Life.
    Maybe the Adventist Church could confer the “Devotio Moderna”, on your book. I say this because I find your books undogmatic and have a form of piety that may help pave the road for some sort of the Reformation in the Adventist Church… you may just be the man to make the church’s relevant in the 21 century.

  2. Super cool! Can’t wait to read it, and know it is a relevant document for the church right now.

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