The European Adventist Society of Theology and Religious Studies’s journal is Spes Christiana latest edition contained an article I wrote a couple of years ago. It analyses how reading the Bible online (i.e.. via Twitter) influences the interpretation of the text.


Millions of Bible verses are shared on Twitter every year. This article examines the Bible on Twitter, by looking at Bible verse images produced by three organisations: Faithlife/Logos Bible Software, Dutch Bible Society, and Graceway. I examine the way these three organisations mediate the Bible on social media. The outputs of these companies form the basis for an analysis of the hermeneutics of a visual, digital Bible. I analyse the way engagement with the Bible changes due to digitalisation, and in which ways the digital Bible influences (theological) authority. Ultimately, the power that the illustrator has in influencing the interpretation of biblical texts is emphasised.

Read the rest here.

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